We are more than a service provider. We are partners in the development of customized solutions for demanding requirements on die cast products. The sooner we are involved in the aluminum and zinc die casting development process of our customers, the more comprehensively can we help, as specialists, to maximize the quality and minimize the costs of the series. We are glad to accept new challenges.

In order to be able to be independent and to meet even complicated requirements of our customers within a short response time, we manufacture the precision tools for series production in our in-house tool manufacturing shop. And in order to further improve our innovation capability, we permanently optimize our development and production processes. However, Pflitsch Druckguss works according to the following principle: We do not seek innovation at any cost. Only proven, well-tested processes are capable of guaranteeing the quality demanded by our customers and our own standards.

For our customers, this means that we are the competent contact and a partner offering an efficient high-quality solution to any problem involving the series production of die cast aluminum and zinc parts.
Solutions for various batch sizes have been implemented in our foundry. For large quantities, we may use the fully automatic die cast cells, and with our semiautomatic machines we are able to respond flexibly to smaller batch sizes or annual quantities.