02/22/2011 – Successful decisions may well be taken more than once!

This is the fourth time in a row that we started up an aluminum die casting machine type Evolution 53D made by Bühler. We have been manufacturing successful products for our customers on this machine type since January 2007. The decision in favor of this investment strengthens our well-known high reliability, allows us to participate in the overall economic growth and serves the continuous modernization of our equipment. This is to the benefit of our demanding partners in the automotive, electrical and machine construction industries.

Thanks to the excellent interaction between our employees, the company Bühler and individual suppliers for the necessary peripherals the machine was ready for die casting operation after just a short set-up period. Thank you very much to everyone involved!

We feel well equipped to face the future tasks and are looking forward to good reliability, availability and excellent die casting results!
09/25/2009 – Additional Machinery

Today, we successfully started up another aluminium diecasting machine type Evolution 53 D made by Bühler. For us, this is a future-oriented investment and a state-of-the-art improvement of our manufacturing capacity to meet this year’s increased order volume. With the help of new products, we were able to revert the negative trend in sales figures we experienced at the beginning of the year as a result of the massive decline in the international automotive industry.

Thanks to the experience of our staff with this type of machine, we could start producing on the new equipment already shortly after it had been set up and started up. We would like to thank our colleagues very much for their effort.

Using this investment, we can offer our customers higher availability and increased product variety. This will strengthen our performance and quality in Germany. Our investment will help us put our customers’ ideas into practice.
02/21/2008 – We are bringing Switzerland to Wiehl

Now the time has come! We are giving ourselves and our customers a late Christmas present and are happy about the delivery of a new aluminum die casting machine made by Bühler. The traditional Swiss company has been represented with an identical machine in our plant since December 2006. The experience made by our personnel with the first machine is of great help again now. First-class preliminary work, logistics skills and a great deal of routine ensure the erection, installation and start-up according to plan.

In summer 2008, automation components will be added to the machine, making it fully complete. Another investment into stable processes and economic competitiveness in a German location. That’s what Pflitsch calls reliability made in Germany.
1. Pump assembly
2. Column thread
3. Controller
4. Casting unit